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Junk Removal Clearwater

We are the experts in Clearwater Junk Removal & Hauling
CLW junk removal company is a junk removal company that is widely known in Florida for the perfection in junk removal work. We look after all kinds of homes and business services. We have been in this business for decades and hence know the math one has to do for the perfect results. Each and every member of the team is carefully picked and recruited only after they have passed the assessment criteria. You don’t have to arrange for anything as we bring all the resources with us. Also, you are not obliged to directly contact us by coming to our stores, our online services are available so that you can be safe. Adhering to the same reason, we offer contactless junk removal services which means you don’t have to be present at the site during the removal operation. Further, we conduct activities based on the clients’ schedules. We promise junk removal with us will be better, easier and convenient.

Junk Hauling in Clearwater

Planning for Junk and Debris Removal

Do you reside in Clearwater, FL and have got loads of junks around? We are one of the most convenient haulers who will handle your junk responsibly. Many hauling companies deny doing small jobs or last minute services or probably overcharge the clients. However, we take our job seriously and are always ready to serve you. We are a complete package, that is we will bring all the tools and resources that are required to do the job. Moreover, we are not a fan of throw away culture. We rather believe in recycling and reusing things which is why we always recommend our clients to donate rather than throwing stuff which are recyclable or repairable. To help them achieve this, before dumping the waste we analyze its condition and donate them under the name of the respective client. So, hire us and make your junk disappear within no time.

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Junk Removal Services

While moving or renovating a home, one requires to get rid of unwanted or damaged heavy items. Luckily, we are in the town to provide you a range of junk removal services. Our employees are well trained to systematically handle all sorts of junk that are expected at residential and commercial units. Disposing waste from multi storey houses or apartment buildings is our specialty. You don’t have to lift the heavy items or look out for your friend’s help to move heavy items like furniture, appliances, or waste generated from the yard, garden, and so on. We have sufficient labor and equipment to lift and carry the bulky and heavy object efficiently downstairs. Where other junk disposal companies simply refuse when it comes to hauling heavy items or charge more, we offer these services to our clients at fair and reasonable prices.

Furniture & Mattress Removal

Well, you can’t just pick up the couch on your shoulder and throw it away. Can you? Furniture removal can be tricky and it demands several strong hands to get the job done. The DIY ideas from the internet will barely work. Further, there are good chances you end up hurting yourself or damaging the furniture. The same is the scenario while removing a mattress. The task is more challenging than you think. You can’t simply just dump it yourself as they are quite large to be handled. For safe and quick furniture or mattresses hauling near me, seek us.

Appliance Removal

Moving or uplifting bulky objects like a stove, fridge, etc, especially alone can not only be critical but also be dangerous. This is because you can trouble your back or shoulder muscles when performing this activity. Moreover, to avoid harming the environment you ought to dispose of the appliances properly since a lot of traditional appliances release chemicals that can deplete the ozone layer and also cause other damages to the environment. So, don’t bother yourself as our junk removal specialists are available to assist you if you have appliances to move away. Also, the junk removal cost is minimal at the CLW junk removal store.

Yard Waste Cleanup

Our junk cleaners will discard the unwanted weeds, heaps of leaves, and twigs from your garden within a few minutes. Recently, many laws have been implemented on dumping the yard waste into landfills because of which many waste collectors refuse to collect the bags containing debris of trees, grass clippings, leaves, and so on. However, accumulating this waste in your garden might not only ruin its beauty but also will clog the drains and gutters if it overflows with the rainwater. Should you require services for yard waste pick up, call on our office number for convenient and quick yard junk pick up services.

Hot Tub Removal

Because of the large size and heavyweight, it is almost impossible to throw hot tubs or spas on your own. Also, you would need a big truck to carry it. So, anytime you feel like it’s time to say goodbye to your not-so-hot tub, give us a call. You might not know, but you can also earn a few bucks from your old tub if it is recyclable and in working condition. You can sell it to someone online or put it on a yard sale or you can simply trade it to the dealer. Whatever you choose to do; throwing or selling, we will help you dismantle it.

Construction Debris

When you call junk pickup you would want someone who leaves no trace of junk behind as construction wastes are hazardous and can also cause accidents. You can put your trust in our construction debris removal Clearwater movers as they know how to safely deal with construction waste. Renovate your house or construct more buildings without worrying about dumping the waste as our workers will serve all your removal needs responsibly. They will pick up construction materials like asphalt, glass, plastic, cardboard, wood, bricks, drywall, concrete, tools, scrap metals, etc. For construction, junk pick up near me, or to learn more about our construction junk pickup services, talk to us.

Clean Out Services

CLW junk removal company offers all sorts of cleanout services to the customers of Florida. We clean dirty crawl and tight spaces, dusty old attics, etc. In addition to this, we also perform estate cleanouts, construction site cleanouts, foreclosures. Don’t waste your effort and resourceful time on cleaning as we will help you connect with some of the best cleaning contractors in the town so that you can have a hassle-free Clearwater cleaning service for your property. Your belongings will be removed with great care. Also, our cleanout services are completely eco-friendly so schedule an appointment with us.

Affordable Junk Service And Reasonable Rates

When dealing with junk, finding a company that has affordable rates and excellent quality services sounds like a dream. Isn’t it? Nonetheless, with us in the town, the dream turns true as we are an affordable solution to all your junk problems. When you will work with us, you will find a huge difference in our quotes. Not to mention, the same goes for our services. Even if you have only one or two items we can be a great help, don’t just keep collecting them just because you can’t do it yourself or because your local company is asking for too much money for removing a piece of junk. Compare our prices with other competitors and you will see that our average junk removal prices are way lesser than theirs. Junk hauling in Clearwater can be done with no fuss at all. If you are still in disbelief why don’t you call us and check the quotes yourself?

Types of Junk We Take

If you are currently bothered by unwanted stuff then calling us would be a wise idea as we are one of the most reliable services of Clearwater waste removal. From scrap metal to furniture, we remove everything. We know the hassles that one has to go through while moving heavy bulky objects and how dangerous it could be for the non-professionals which is why let us help. We will take all the junk that is taking up space on your property. We offer full-fledged services to everyone in the city and nearby areas.

Talking about our work then it includes full junk removal services for residential and commercial owners. It is important to know that while the level of the services will always be superior for both residential and commercial clients, the prices will vary since the junk differs in both scenarios. We also provide instant and extensive post-disaster junk removals as we understand the urgency of the task. Further, we do pre and post waste removal, renovation junk removal. Cleanout services like storage cleanouts, attic cleanouts, basement cleanouts, and so on are also taken care of. Our clients have always appreciated our helpful customer services for estate cleanouts as we know how stressful it can be to deal with the items of your loved ones. To know about our other junk removal services or to book an appointment, talk to us now. CLW junk workers are ready to serve you provided that you don’t have any hazardous waste to dispose of.

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Why Choose CLW junk Removal?

CLW junk removal is a full-service junk hauling company providing instant services to the residents of Florida. From small to big we cover every junk item. You have just one microwave to throw or want us to throw entire drawing room furniture, we are at your service. We value the trust that our client has put in us which is why we never compromise with quality while working. You will come across many companies when you google search junk hauling near me, but not each of them is legitimate. However, you can be at peace since we are completely insured and have licensed for this job. Further, we hold high regard for the environment and hence, we strictly adhere to environmental protocols while hauling away the junk. Just like our services, all our products are of supreme quality and eco-friendly. At times, because of lack of knowledge, clients are cheated by local contractors with the junk weight and money. Considering this, we provide consultation services to our clients so that they can know what’s best for them. Our support team will resolve all your queries and give you a few tips which can be fruitful when you call for junk services, the next time.


Hiring a junk removal company for throwing away the thrash is a nice idea. However, have you ever thought that not all haulers are honest and not everyone’s work gives good results ? Well, you can’t just look at the wall certificates and decide if they are the best. The right way would be to ask a few important questions. Go beyond asking how much does 1800 junk cost as firing questions will help you select a company that offers both quality and cheap junk removal services. So, if you are looking for junk removal near me, here is the list of questions for you.

How much are junk removal services?

Different junk removal Clearwater companies charge differently. The variation in charges occurs based on the waste type, service quality, vehicle operating cost, travel time, number of laborers, and many other things are considered. For this reason, it will be difficult to come up with a cost without having a look over the waste. A good and reputed junk removal Clearwater, FL company like CLW will offer you a firm quote after analyzing the waste that is to be thrown. So, when you ask them how much does it cost to haul away junk, you make sure that they are ready to provide an upfront estimate.

How much does Got Junk charge to remove junk?

As mentioned previously, haul away companies don’t charge the same. Just like other Clearwater junk removal companies, Got junk only will provide their average junk removal price for different load sizes. Actual prices are revealed after inspecting and considering factors like the Jobsite, the appointment schedule, the time of the year, etc. To know their exact price, you will need to schedule an appointment with them and allow their team to visit your place for the waste inspection. Our word of advice here will be to look at the level of the services that are being offered, compare prices, check before and after pictures, and most importantly read clients testimonials.

How does junk removal work?

The process will commence from your end. You have to call us to schedule an appointment. On the confirmation of booking, we send a team of haulers to the location to check the waste type and size. Normally, we send our team on the same day.

However, we consider the convenience of our clients and hence, inform them about the arrival so that they can be prepared as well. Once the inspection job is done, we offer the upfront pricing which is not expected by every junk removal Clearwater company. If you agree to work with us, our workers will start their job and finish it quickly.

How much does junk removal cost?

Usually, a client with just one or two junk items avoids hiring junk removal service. This is because it is expensive or they find the hiring process complicated. Also, it happens often that the companies change the initial estimate after the removal of junk. However, this is not always the case because there are plenty of companies around who charge normally. We are listed as one of them. For bigger items, along with the previously mentioned factors, how much space does your junk consume in the truck will be taken into account and then a quote will be offered.

Do junk removal companies take paint?

Paint falls into the hazardous waste material category and hence, is dangerous to carry around. However, a few handfuls of companies deal with paint provided that it is in dry form. If you have fully dry paint then it is likely then you can get rid of it. In addition to this, there are only a few locations where paint can be taken. So, it might be possible that your location is not permitted to accept the paint. Hence, we recommend that when you look for junk hauling near me for paint, ask if your location is a suitable one to avoid troubles.


“I recently moved to Clearwater and had a lot of boxes to throw away. My local trash man denied it since they were huge. He suggested going for CLW if I wanted a reliable and quick service. I was amazed by their fast response. They came in no time and did the job. So, if you have got junk, call them now.”
- Brenda W.

“I was unable to find a reliable company because I work two jobs. When neighbors started complaining about the foot-long grass I was seriously worried. My friend told me about CLW, and they were better than my expectations. They agreed to work according to my schedule. I barely had to interfere or instruct them to do anything. ”
- Jerelyn M.

“ I had a wonderful mattress removal experience. They are extremely efficient and very quick in giving responses. Peter arrived on time with his truck driver and removed the mattress with great care. They even helped me with the post mattress removal work. Looking at the results, my sister has already hired them to remove junk from her backyard.”
- Rob P.

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